How to Get QuillBot Premium Account for Free [Lifetime]

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A strong online paraphrase tool called QuillBot makes it simple and quick for users to create content of the highest caliber. The premium edition unlocks further advantages and cutting-edge functionality while the free version still has useful features. In this article, we’ll look at how to use a TamperMonkey script to get QuillBot Premium for free!

What is QuillBot?

Content creation is essential in today’s digital world for many industries, including literature, academics, and internet marketing. As a clever paraphrase tool that helps users increase their writing productivity, QuillBot has grown in popularity. The paid edition provides even more potent features and a flawless experience, yet the free version is still valuable. Fortunately, there is a free method of getting QuillBot Premium access. You may easily unlock the premium features by using a TamperMonkey script.

Understanding QuillBot Premium

The subscription-based QuillBot service offers consumers a number of improved capabilities. You can use the summarizer tool, access an enlarged synonym library, use intelligent grammar and punctuation correction, and have an ad-free experience with this subscription. These features greatly enhance the effectiveness and caliber of your writing process.

Features Description
OverviewQuillBot is an online paraphrasing tool that helps users generate high-quality content by providing alternative wordings and rephrasing suggestions.
Free VersionQuillBot offers a free version that allows users to access basic features and functionalities.
Premium VersionPremium is a subscription-based service that offers advanced features and benefits beyond the free version.
Features– Enhanced paraphrasing capabilities
– Contextual thesaurus
– Grammar suggestions
– Increased word limit
Benefits– Improved content creation
– Access to more precise word choices
– Enhanced grammar checking
– Paraphrase longer passages without restrictions
SubscriptionQuillBot Premium requires a paid subscription to access the advanced features.

Benefits of QuillBot Premium

This subscription offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your writing experience:

◯ Expanded Synonym Database

You may create more varied and accurate paraphrased content with Premium because to the access to a larger synonym database that it offers. This function aids in the creation of distinctive and interesting articles without distorting their original intent.

◯ Intelligent Grammar and Punctuation Correction

QuillBot’s premium edition offers sophisticated grammar and punctuation correction features. It aids in finding and fixing grammar and punctuation faults so that your work is polished and expert.

◯ Summarizer Tool

You can create succinct summaries of lengthy articles or documents using the integrated summarizer tool provided by Premium. By breaking up lengthy pieces of information into manageable chunks, this function helps you save time and effort.

◯ Ad-Free Experience

You can utilize the Premium user interface without being interrupted by ads. This guarantees a distraction-free setting so you can concentrate entirely on your writing activities.

QuillBot FeaturesDescription
Enhanced ParaphrasingQuillBot provides an extensive range of rephrasing options, allowing users to create unique and engaging content effortlessly.
Contextual ThesaurusQuillBot’s contextual thesaurus suggests synonyms based on the context of the sentence, ensuring precise word choices.
Grammar SuggestionsQuillBot incorporates advanced grammar checking algorithms, helping users improve their writing by identifying and correcting grammar errors.
Increased Word LimitPremium allows users to paraphrase longer passages and documents without encountering any word limits.
SummarizationQuillBot can generate concise summaries of longer texts, making it a useful tool for extracting key information.
Word FlipWith Word Flip, users can instantly swap words and phrases within a sentence, providing alternative sentence structures.
Formality LevelQuillBot offers the option to adjust the formality level of the generated content, catering to various writing styles and contexts.
Fluency ModeThe Fluency Mode in QuillBot emphasizes generating coherent and fluent sentences, enhancing the overall flow of the written content.
Sentence ExpansionQuillBot can expand concise sentences into more detailed and comprehensive versions, enriching the overall writing quality.
Word Limit CheckerQuillBot’s Word Limit Checker allows users to keep track of the word count while writing or paraphrasing text.

Step-by-Step Guide

The Method: Using TamperMonkey Script

Popular browser extension TamperMonkey enables users to execute unique scripts on websites. We will activate QuillBot Premium without paying for a subscription by using this effective method. The procedure is outlined in the steps below.

◯ Installing TamperMonkey

Start your favorite online browser and look for the “TamperMonkey extension.”
Navigate to the download section on TamperMonkey’s official website.
Then, adhere to the browser-specific installation instructions by clicking the download/Get button.
Visit the link : Tampermonkey Extension to download the TamperMonkey extension for you browser.

◯ Installing the QuillBot Premium Script

You can now install the premium version of the QuillBot script after installing TamperMonkey. The script will grant access to Premium features without a monthly fee.

Installing the premium QuillBot script requires:

Visit the TamperMonkey website or the source page for the script OR visit this link : Quillbot Premium Unlocker to install the script into TamperMonkey.
To add the script to your TamperMonkey extension, click the “Install this script” button.

TamperMonkey QuillBot Script

You will be asked to confirm the installation by TamperMonkey. To continue, click “Install” or “OK”.
From here you will be redirected to the Userscript installation page. Proceed by clicking the install button to successfully install the script.

TamperMonkey UserScript

The premium QuillBot script has been installed and is currently running in your browser.

◯ Enjoying QuillBot Premium Features

After installing the QuillBot premium script, you can start enjoying the benefits of Premium without any cost. Here’s how to use QuillBot Premium:

  1. Open QuillBot in your browser.
  2. Login into QuillBot using your Google account or any other account.
  3. While on the QuillBot website, click on the TamperMonkey extension and activate the QuillBot Premium script that we installed in the earlier setp.
  4. Refresh the page, if needed and the Premium features will be automatically activated, and you can start utilizing them to improve your writing.
QuillBot Premium Activated

You can use all of Premium’s advanced features without having to pay a subscription fee if you install the QuillBot Premium script using TamperMonkey. This gives you access to improved paraphrase tools, a contextual thesaurus, grammar recommendations, and a bigger word limit. You can improve the quality of your work and speed up the writing process by using Premium subscription for free now.

Common Problem

If you are facing the problem where the “Paraphrase” button is taking too long to give the output / loading infinitely, try the following methods to solve the problem:

  • Refresh the page
  • Logout of your account and log-in again.
  • Deactivate and Activate the TamperMonkey script.

These methods will definitely solve the problem.


Installing the QuillBot premium script with TamperMonkey will allow you to get Premium for free. As a result, customers can access QuillBot Premium’s additional capabilities without having to pay a monthly fee. The enhanced paraphrasing capabilities, contextual thesaurus, grammatical suggestions, and higher word limit enable users to easily write compelling content while also dramatically improving their writing.
Start using QuillBot Premium right away to enjoy the advantages of this effective paraphrase tool for free!

Frequently Ask Questions on QuillBot Premium Unlocker

Can I really get QuillBot Premium for free?

Yes, you may use Premium features without purchasing a subscription by installing the QuillBot premium script using TamperMonkey.

Is TamperMonkey safe to use?

TamperMonkey is a well-known browser extension that is frequently used to add unique scripts. It has a sizable user base and is typically regarded as secure.

Can I use the QuillBot premium script on any browser?

Yes, TamperMonkey is compatible with a number of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Any TamperMonkey-compatible web browser can be used to install the script.

Are there any limitations to using QuillBot Premium through the script?

All of Premium’s features are unlocked via the QuillBot Premium script. It’s crucial to remember that using the script does not give you access to an official subscription or additional customer support.

Can I uninstall the QuillBot premium script if I no longer need it?

Yes, it’s simple to remove TamperMonkey’s premium QuillBot script. Simply locate TamperMonkey in the extension settings of your browser, uninstall the QuillBot-related script from there.

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