How to transfer phone number at&t

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Changing phone carriers can seem difficult, but it’s crucial to maintain your phone number throughout the process. In order to make the process of changing your number as simple as possible, AT&T offers a user-friendly option.

Why Transfer Your Phone Number?

Your phone number is your identity; it’s more than simply a string of numbers. By transferring it to AT&T, you can be sure that your friends, family, and coworkers will always be able to reach you.

Check Eligibility

Make sure your current phone number is transferable before beginning the transfer process. Active numbers with no unpaid amounts can typically be transferred.

Choose a Plan with AT&T

Choose an AT&T plan that is appropriate for your communication needs. Discuss any unique needs you may have with the AT&T representative.

Gather Necessary Information

Gather important details including your current account number, PIN, and any other information that AT&T may require. This guarantees a smooth transmission.

Initiate the Transfer

To start the transfer procedure, get in touch with AT&T customer support or go to a nearby store. Give them the data you’ve collected so they can confirm it.

Wait for the Transfer to Complete

The transfer procedure could take many hours or several days. Avoid making any changes to your old account during this period.

Test Your New AT&T Service

After the transfer is finished, properly test your new AT&T service. Call, text, and use data to make sure everything is working as it should.

Cancel Your Old Service

Before terminating your current service with AT&T, be sure your number is completely active. As a result, downtime is avoided.

Troubleshooting Tips

You’re having problems? For assistance, check the settings on your device, restart your phone, or get in touch with AT&T customer support.


When you adhere to these guidelines, switching to AT&T while maintaining your phone number is a simple process. You may smoothly switch to your new AT&T service without losing touch with your contacts by making sure you have all the required information and by adhering to the instructions.

Can I transfer a landline number to AT&T?

Landline number transfers are permitted by AT&T, but there may be a little difference in the procedure. For thorough instructions, get in touch with their customer care.

Will my voicemail and text messages be transferred too?

It’s possible that texts and voicemails won’t move automatically. Before starting the transfer, it is advised to manually save essential messages.

Can I transfer my number if I’m still under contract with my current carrier?

Early termination costs may apply if you transfer while your contract is still in effect. Before choosing, review the terms and conditions of your current carrier.

Is there a fee for transferring my number to AT&T?

Although AT&T normally doesn’t charge a cost for number transfers, you should check with their customer support to be sure.

How long does the transfer process usually take?

While some transfers can be completed in a matter of hours, others may require a few days. In this procedure, patience is crucial.

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