How to Sell Stock on Merrill Edge

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Are you prepared to manage your money by selling some shares on Merrill Edge? You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to investing and want a step-by-step tutorial on trading shares on this well-known platform. We’ll walk you through the procedure in this article, making it clear and straightforward.

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Sign In to Your Merrill Edge Account

Log into your Merrill Edge account to get going. You must register if you don’t already have one, which is a simple procedure. You can move on to the next stage after your account information.

Go to your portfolio page after logging in. You may view your current investment holdings, including stocks, bonds, and other assets, here. Please select the individual store you wish to sell to view more information by clicking on it.

Check Stock Details and Market Conditions

Reviewing the stock’s specifics and the market environment is crucial before you sell your stock. Consider the most recent market trends and the stock’s performance momentarily. Remember, when selling any investment, making informed judgments is critical.

Choose Your Selling Options

Merrill Edge provides a range of selling choices to meet your requirements. You can use a market order, in which case the stock will be sold at the going rate on the market. Alternatively, you might put a limit order outlining the lowest price you’re prepared to accept. The latter allows greater control over the selling price but may require more time.

Confirm Your Selling Decision

Verify every detail after choosing your desired selling option. Make sure you’ve selected the right stock and amount to sell. Go to the confirmation page once you are sure about your choice.

Place Your Sell Order

It’s time to execute your decision to sell. To place your order, click the “Sell” button. If you choose a market order, the transaction will almost certainly be carried out immediately. Limiting orders can take some time before the stock reaches the desired price.

Track the Sale

Keep a tight check on your account after placing your sell order to follow the development of the sale. In your account, you can monitor the status of your orders and, if necessary, make changes.

Congratulations, You’ve Sold Your Stock!

When your stock sale is finished verifying the transaction, you’ll get a message. Congratulations! You’ve made a big step toward managing your money well by successfully selling shares on Merrill Edge.


It need not be daunting to sell stock on Merrill Edge if you follow straightforward advice like this. Conduct thorough research, keep up with market trends, and choose wisely. By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to being an astute investor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell stock on Merrill Edge from my mobile device?

Absolutely! A user-friendly mobile app from Merrill Edge enables you to manage your assets while on the road.

Are there any fees for selling stock on Merrill Edge?

Depending on your account type and the volume of trades, selling stock may be subject to transaction fees.

Can I sell a fraction of a stock on Merrill Edge?

If you don’t want to sell the entire share of stock, you can sell a portion of it.

Is there a minimum amount of stock I can sell?

The stock’s current market price and the particular regulations of the platform will determine the minimal amount you are permitted to sell.

Can I change my mind after placing a sell order?

Unfortunately, changing or canceling a sell order once it has been placed can be challenging. Before placing your order, double-check all the details.

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