How to Link Merrill Edge with Bank of America

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Do you use Merrill Edge and have a Bank of America account? You can receive several advantages and a more streamlined banking experience by linking these accounts. In this article, we’ll take you step-by-step through the integration of Merrill Edge and Bank of America. Then let’s get going!

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The well-known online brokerage platform Merrill Edge enables users to invest in various financial products, including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. However, Bank of America is the largest and most reputable banking organization in the United States. Customers can use improved accessibility and financial management by linking these two accounts.

Understanding Merrill Edge and Bank of America

Let’s quickly review what Merrill Edge and Bank of America each have to offer before moving on to merging the accounts.

Merrill Edge offers A user-friendly interface to investors so they can efficiently manage their investments. Customers can choose to increase their money wisely thanks to various investment options and research tools.

As a top bank, Bank of America provides various financial services, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans. Additionally, they offer online banking services so clients can effortlessly manage their accounts.

Benefits of Linking Merrill Edge with Bank of America

There are various benefits to linking your Merrill Edge and Bank of America accounts:

  • Seamless Funds Transfer: Transferring money between your brokerage and bank accounts is made simple and quick by linking the accounts.
  • Consolidated Account View: You can see your Bank of America accounts and your Merrill Edge investment portfolio in one location.
  • Overdraft Protection: If both of your accounts are connected, you may be able to use your Merrill Edge investments as a backup source of cash to avoid incurring overdraft fees.
  • Simplified Account Management: Access to both accounts through a single login makes managing your funds more effective.

Let’s now go over how to link your Bank of America account with your Merrill Edge account:

Step 1: Accessing Online Banking

Make sure the Internet banking system for Bank of America is available to you. You must first create an online account if you don’t already have one to continue.

Go to the “Link Accounts” area after signing into your Bank of America online account. You can control account linkages in this area.

Step 3: Selecting Merrill Edge as the Brokerage Account

You can add a brokerage account by selecting the “Link Accounts” option. Choose “Merrill Edge” from the list of potential brokerage firms.

Step 4: Confirming the Linkage

To confirm and complete the linkage procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions. Your Merrill Edge account information can be requested for verification purposes.

Congratulations! Your Bank of America account and Merrill Edge account are now connected.


It can be smart to link your Merrill Edge brokerage account with your Bank of America account because it has many advantages and makes managing your finances easier. You can better manage your finances with a seamless transfer, a consolidated account view, and improved overdraft protection.

Access your Bank of America online banking account, go to the “Link Accounts” area, and choose Merrill Edge as the brokerage account to link to begin the procedure. Thanks to this handy connection, your financial experience will be more efficient!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to link Merrill Edge with Bank of America?

No, there is usually no charge for tying your Bank of America account to your Merrill Edge account. Customers are given this service without charge.

Can I link multiple Merrill Edge accounts to one Bank of America account?

You can link all of your Merrill Edge accounts to a single Bank of America account for easier management if you have several Merrill Edge accounts.

How long does it take for the accounts to be linked?

Usually, the connection procedure is finished in a few business days. However, depending on the demands for verification, it could take a little bit longer in specific circumstances.

Can I unlink Merrill Edge from my Bank of America account if needed?

Yes, you can disconnect the accounts anytime using the online banking service from Bank of America.

Is linking the accounts safe and secure?

Yes, the security of the data about their customers is a top priority for both Merrill Edge and Bank of America. The account linking procedure is safe and secure by design.

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