How to Get LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: A Comprehensive Guide

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LinkedIn provides recruiters with valuable features and is a networking and job search platform. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is one such tool that can significantly improve your hiring ability. We’ll walk you through downloading LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and utilizing all its features in this article.

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What Is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

Let’s define LinkedIn Recruiter Lite before getting into the specifics. It is a membership option that LinkedIn provides that is intended only for recruiters. With this plan’s access to various features and tools, it is simpler for recruiters to locate, interact with, and hire top talent.

Why LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The powerful search features of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite are one of the main benefits. Candidates can be filtered using this subscription based on various factors, including region, industry, experience, and more. This option can focus your search and identify prospects closely fitting your criteria.

InMail Credits

A predetermined quantity of InMail credits is given to recruiters each month through LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. You can communicate directly with applicants not part of your network using InMail. This feature makes reaching out to potential hires and striking up talks much easier.

Access to Premium Profiles

Premium profiles are accessible to recruiters using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. This implies that even if a candidate has turned their profile private, you can still access it. When assessing possible prospects, this access might completely transform the situation.

How to Get LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Now that you know the advantages, let’s discuss obtaining LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

Log in to Your LinkedIn Account

Log into your LinkedIn account first. You must make a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one.

Go to the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Page

Visit the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite page after logging in. You can reach this page by typing “LinkedIn Recruiter Lite” into the LinkedIn search box.

Choose Your Plan

You can choose from various subscription options on the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite page. Pick the strategy that best meets your needs. LinkedIn frequently offers a free trial so that you may try out the features before signing up.

Enter Payment Information

You must enter your payment details to subscribe to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. Credit cards are one of the many payment options accepted by LinkedIn.

Confirm Your Subscription

Review the details of your subscription and validate your purchase. You will have access to all of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite’s features after verifying your identity.

Tips for Maximizing LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Just getting LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is the first step. Consider these suggestions to get the most out of it:

Craft Engaging InMails

Make sure your InMail messages are exciting and tailored when contacting candidates. Describe your motivation for getting them and how their qualifications match your hiring position.

Use Advanced Search Filters

Play around with the advanced search criteria to narrow down your candidate search. Your results will be better if you can be more precise with your standards.

Build a Strong Network

Boost the size of your LinkedIn professional network. Your search for possible prospects will be more expansive the more connections you have.


LinkedIn Recruiter Lite can be a game-changer for recruiters trying to expedite their hiring process and locate the top people. You may get the most out of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite by following the instructions in this post and putting their advice into practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite available for free?

No, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite requires a monthly fee.

Can I cancel my LinkedIn Recruiter Lite subscription at any time?

Your subscription is revocable at any moment, and you won’t be charged again the following month.

How many InMail credits do I get with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

Your subscription plan determines how many InMail credits you receive. When you sign up, be sure to review the details.

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite available in all countries?

Yes, recruiters can use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite in the majority of nations.

Can I upgrade my plan to a higher tier if I need more features?

Yes, when business recruiting needs change, LinkedIn allows you to upgrade your plan to a higher tier with more features.

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