How to Get a Free Trial on Audible

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Finding the time to curl up with a book can be a luxury in a world of constant activity. Here, audiobooks come in handy, and Audible, an Amazon brand, stands out as a top resource for fans of audiobooks. But what if you’re not yet prepared to sign up for a subscription? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. This post will walk you through the procedures for obtaining a free trial on Audible, which will get you access to a sizable collection of audiobooks for listening enjoyment.

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The ability to multitask while enjoying engrossing stories has revolutionised how we consume literature thanks to audiobooks. A subsidiary of Amazon, Audible, has a sizable collection of audiobooks in various genres, making it a popular site for both avid readers and newcomers. What’s best? A free trial is available to get you started with Audible.

What is Audible?

Access to a vast library of audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment is made possible through the audiobook and spoken-word service Audible. Audible has everything, including classics and bestsellers. With Audible, you can enjoy all the convenience of your smartphone or tablet while listening to your favourite books, periodicals, podcasts, and more.

Why Choose Audible?

You should select Audible as your preferred distributor of audiobooks for several compelling reasons, including:

  • Colossal Library: Audible boasts over 500,000 titles, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Exclusive Content: Enjoy Audible Originals and exclusive author interviews.
  • Flexible Listening: Listen anytime, anywhere, even while offline.
  • One Credit per Month: Subscribers receive one free monthly credit to use on any audiobook.
  • Keep Your Audiobooks: Even if you cancel your subscription, your purchased audiobooks are yours to keep forever.

The Benefits of an Audible Free Trial

Now, let’s explore the advantages of signing up for an Audible free trial:

  • 30 Days of Free Access: During your problem, you’ll have unrestricted access to Audible’s vast library for a whole month.
  • One Free Audiobook: You can select one audiobook from the library, and it’s yours to keep.
  • Cancel Anytime: If you decide Audible isn’t for you, you can cancel your trial before it ends, and you won’t be charged.

How to Sign Up for an Audible Free Trial

The free trial for Audible is simple to use once you sign up. Here is a detailed instruction:

Creating an Audible Account

Click the “Sign In” option on the Audible website. You’ll need to open an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. Name, email, and password creation are required.

Choosing Your Plan

You’ll be asked to select a plan throughout the sign-up process. Choose the “Audible Premium Plus” program to receive monthly free credit.

Entering Payment Information (Don’t Worry; It’s Free!)

Even for free trials, Audible requests payment information, but you won’t be charged while the problem is in effect. Once you enter your billing information, you can proceed.

Exploring Audible’s Collection

Once you’ve registered, you can begin browsing Audible’s extensive library. Find new books, browse other genres, or look for your favourite novels. Countless audiobooks are available, so you’ll never be stuck for choices.

Downloading Your First Audiobook

discovered a book you enjoy? You can download it by selecting “Add to Library” from the toolbar. You can download it for offline listening or listen to it online.

Listening on the Go: Audible’s App

Download the Audible app to your tablet or smartphone to enhance your Audible experience. You can make bookmarks, listen on the fly, and change the playback speed to your liking.

What Happens After Your Free Trial Expires?

It would be best if you chose as your free trial period ends. If you’ve been enjoying Audible and decide to keep using it, your subscription will renew on its own, and you’ll be charged accordingly. If not, terminate your trial before its expiration to prevent being charged.


Audible’s free trial is your pass to a world of literary exploration. There is no excuse not to try it with a sizable selection of audiobooks, flexible listening options, and the option to cancel anytime. Join now to receive your free audiobook and to start an unforgettable audio journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Audible free trial free?

Yes, the first 30 days of the Audible free trial are free. There are no fees to use any of the perks during this time.

Can I cancel my Audible free trial at any time?

Absolutely. You won’t be charged if you terminate your free trial before it expires.

How many audiobooks can I download during the free trial?

During your trial period, one audiobook may be downloaded. However, if you like, you can buy more audiobooks.

Are Audible audiobooks accessible offline?

You can listen to an audiobook offline after downloading it, making it ideal for long commutes and trips.

What happens if I don’t cancel my trial before it ends?

Your trial will automatically become a paid subscription if you don’t cancel it, and you’ll be charged accordingly.

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