How to Become a Google Screened Realtor

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Are you a real estate agent trying to make a name online and win over new customers? The game-changer you’ve been looking for might be becoming a Google-vetted realtor. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of becoming a Google-screened realtor so you can use it to increase your clientele and improve your online visibility.

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The Power of Being a Google Screened Realtor

What is Google Screened?

Let’s define what it means to be Google screened before moving on to the process. To ensure that local service providers are reliable and legitimate, Google established the Google Screened verification procedure. On Google Search and Google Maps, this recognition appears as a green checkmark emblem next to your company name, instantly lending confidence to potential customers.

The Benefits of Google Screened for Realtors

The benefits of becoming a Google-screened realtor are numerous. First, it gives clients looking for trustworthy real estate agents confidence. Second, since Google prioritizes screened businesses in search results, it increases your online visibility and distinguishes you from rivals. Lastly, as customers are more inclined to select a vetted realtor over an unlicensed one, this verification may result in higher click-through rates.

Steps to Become a Google Screened Realtor

Step 1: Eligibility and Application

Make sure you meet Google’s eligibility requirements before beginning the procedure. To be considered, you must possess the necessary licenses, insurance, and accreditations. Apply via Google’s Local Services Ads platform after fulfilling the prerequisites.

Step 2: Background Check

You’ll have to undergo a background check for the selection procedure. Google aims to ensure that all vetted real estate agents have a spotless background without illegal activity.

Step 3: Insurance and Licenses

Google demands that realtors show documentation of their insurance and business licenses. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork available for verification.

Step 4: Screening Interview

Plan on going through a screening interview with Google. Throughout this interview, you must demonstrate your knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to giving customers the best service possible.

Step 5: Local Services Ads

You can create your Local Services Ads when you’ve passed the screening procedure. Your Google screened badge will be displayed in these ads, making you stand out on the search results page.


In conclusion, for any real estate agent wishing to succeed in the digital era, becoming a Google-screened realtor is a wise choice. Potential clients are more likely to trust you after the verification procedure, increasing your web presence and establishing you as a reputable realtor. You can become a Google-screened realtor and advance your real estate profession by following the instructions provided in this article.

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How long does the screening process take?

The screening procedure usually takes a few weeks, depending on how many applications there are.

Can I still appear on Google without the screened badge?

The answer is that your company can still show up on Google even if you don’t have the screened badge. However, you have a competitive advantage if you have the badge.

Is the Google screening process free?

The screening procedure is free; however, you must pay for your screened badge to appear in Local Services Ads.

How often does Google review screened businesses?

Google periodically inspects pre-screened companies to make sure they uphold their requirements.

Can I become Google screened in multiple locations?

You can apply and get screened for each place if you meet their qualifications.

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